A Vintage Dream

Unpublished Passion Project | Nov 2020 
in partnership with a local Philadelphia classical furniture shop, Architectural Antiques Exchange

Ryan Eda, Photographer
Ray Morenoff, Creative Director, Producer, Model, HMUA

A Vintage Dream is a whimsical fairytale of modern day elegance. However in this version, an ordinary girl became a Queen and created her OWN kingdom. She proudly wears her glass slippers bestowed by her once-prince-charming as a reminder that she no longer needs saving. Her style is complex; a playful dance that is both delicate and intense. Time is a mystery—and that’s exactly how she likes it.

I love styling vintage fashion—especially with pieces from my family members. For me, it’s a beautiful way to honor their memory. I styled this look with pieces from my great grandmas and grandmas closets. We scheduled this shoot on my birthday to celebrate my new chapter in this crazy fairytale I'm so lucky to live. 

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