Trust me — you don’t want to hear me singing in the rain 

November 2020 - published + cover story in Mob Journal | Volume 14 | Mar 2021

Ray Morenoff, Producer, Creative Director, Model, Wardrobe Stylist, Hair/Makeup Artist
William O'Hara, Photographer
Anthony Parker, Photographer Assistant

I’ve always been inspired by the quirkiness and simplicity of retro glam fashion advertisements from the 60’s-70’s. So much so, that I have acquired quite the vintage collection which I infuse into my everyday fashion. Beyond the bold color blocks and whimsical lines, what I love the most about vintage fashion is the story behind each garment. I believe that if the garment could speak for itself, it would have the wildest tales to tell of their adventures with prior owners. So,I simply let the clothing speak for itself! 

When I came across this yellow raincoat and hat set, a rush of nostalgia hit me—the Morton Salt Girl! After taking a closer look at the iconic salt label I then realized that we never actually see her expression—where is she? Why is she in the rain?

"Trust me—you don’t want to hear me singing in the rain" questions the simplicity of our classic iconic rainy-day narrative.

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